Merry Christmas!!

The Christmas tree is up, the presents are bought (although still unwrapped…) two work Christmas parties and secret Santa’s swapped. Yet, it still doesn’t feel like Christmas. I wonder if it is the lack of snow which blanketed the country the past two years, or maybe just that this year has flown in so fast that it can’t possibly be Christmas yet, can it?

December, for me, is a usually a month of reflection. I look back on the year and consider my achievements, my mistakes, the milestones and celebrations. Facebook has an app at the moment where a user can collate their top 22 (or so!) status updates of 2011. Looking through my list for the year there is; my car breaking down on the dual carriageway in January, my best friends hen weekend beginning on April Fools day, followed by flying to Turkey for the wedding in May (first time as a bridesmaid as well I should add!), my first by-line in the Scotsman newspaper whilst on a fortnight work experience, handing in my dissertation in August and passing my masters, starting my internship in September and my nephews first birthday in December. It’s fair to say it has been an eventful year!

This December though I am looking forward to 2012, and not back. 2012 heralds the beginning of so many new things. Moving to… well, anywhere, somewhere. Who knows? Starting a new job at… well, anywhere, somewhere. Who knows? (Providing it’s publishing related!) Next year, there are so many possibilities and opportunities. As much as I hate the saying, the world is my oyster! I don’t want to make any plans for next year because I have no idea where I will be and what I will be doing. The future is a huge unknown but I am not scared. I thought I would be. This is the first December that hasn’t felt like a disappointment because, despite being unhappy with my life, I hadn’t changed anything in the past 12 months. This year is different because I have made so many positive steps towards a career of my choosing. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t feel like Christmas yet, because I am… what’s the word? Oh yes… happy. Merry Christmas 🙂



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