Falling in love with blogging again…


So last night I went out on the town with my good friend Sarah. She was visiting for the evening and, having not yet sampled the Bristol night life, felt it was rude not too get glammed up and have a few drinks. After dinner (tapas, yum!) we were in the queue for a bar and conversation turned to Sarah’s new blog. She is a graphic designer in Birmingham and felt the continual need to work to a brief was stifling her creativity. Therefore she found an outlet for this rogue streak in random illustrations. They don’t always make sense, not everybody gets them, but they make her smile. She decided that joining the world of blogging gave her a great way to showcase her work. My thoughts turned to my much neglected blog. The last post was an off-the-cuff, must-write-something kind of thing. Before that was the piece on the London Book Fair. That was over a year ago. Sarah began to tell me that to make a go of the blog I needed to write at least once a week. I know this, I told her, I did my masters dissertation on social media marketing. I know how blogging works, the two way conversation that is social media. I follow blogs, I regularly read @Glempy’s and @livpurvis.Yet, I rarely find the time or motivation to sit down and write. I am often inspired in daily life to think ‘oh that would make a good blog,’ yet it never gets written.

So that’s it. From now on I am going to make a concerted effort to blog. I would say I have strong opinions on a number of things, I could easily tell you all about those. I have just moved to a new city, I could regale you with stories of getting lost and my growing dependence on mobile Google maps. I have numerous stories of living in a ‘halls of residence’ style flat with potentially 11 other people at the age of 27 (I say potentially as I don’t actually know how many people live here!) and of course my new job in publishing. So I have waved Sarah off at the bus stop and crawled back into bed, nursing a slight hangover, and switched on my laptop. I really have no excuse not to do this more often.


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Scottish girl living in Bristol. Further into my 30s than I'd like to be. View all posts by Gem - Consider the End

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