My Life in Bristol, and Cider.

So three weeks ago, I made a promise to myself that I would write regularly to this blog. Once a week was my target. Three weeks in and I have already failed. I didn’t write last week. The reason for this? Well, I was busy.

Last weekend passed in a blur of alcohol and socialising. As a newcomer to Bristol, a city which is vibrant and alive, and also a city where I knew no one, the opportunity to go out is one I can’t really turn down. Friday night was a huge night out, I embraced what it is to be Bristolian and sampled some of the local cider. As a side note, cider gives me horrendous hangovers, which will explain the reason I could barely lift my head from my pillow the majority of Saturday afternoon. Saturday evening I pulled myself together visited Bristol Old Vic to see the Pinter and Beckett plays, A Kind of Alaska and Krapps Last Tape. Both were very good. I am a Pinter fan and found A Kind of Alaska both intriguing and perplexing, as I think most people do with most Pinter plays. The Beckett was a good, very brave piece of theatre. It is difficult to keep an audience captivated with only one actor, lots of silence, and at times, an empty stage, but this performance was very successful. I’m sure anyone who has seen it will agree, the banana scene at the start was pure brilliance!


Laura and I at the Bristol Old Vic


After the theatre I met some of my new friends for yet more cider. In the centre of Bristol last week there was a pop-up bar and restaurant in the shape of Tipi’s. Sadly, my age is catching up with me and two nights out in a row is simply too difficult these days, therefore I was home by eleven-thirty.

Last weekend I also found myself playing tour-guide to the Canadian intern at my work, Laura. Unfortunately, the weather was bleak and wet, but it did mean that when we sought shelter during a tirade of rain and wind, we ended up back in the tipi for another cider. We also sampled the British tapas menu this time with cheese on toast (Montgomery Jack cheese with truffle oil) and chips and curry sauce. My unrefined palate found the truffle oil on the cheese on toast too much, I know, philistine. However the chips and curry sauce were delicious. In a brief respite from the weather I took Laura on a little Banksy tour. I did find it quite bizarre that I was suddenly the Bristol expert. I knew which buses to get on, where the theatre was, where the bar we were meeting friends was, where the city centre Banksy’s are. I have only been living in this city for 6 weeks and already I feel like I know it. I appear to have friends here, ones who want me to come out for drinks with them and show me places I have never been. I am settled, for the most part. I do miss my nephew, he is only 16 months and learning to say new words all the time and I am missing it all. I miss my dog, you’re never alone when you have a dog and they always accept cuddles. I get quite excited when I see dogs or any other animal as they remind me of my pup. Hence the reason I took pictures of the sheep when I passed a farm the other day (see below). As much as I miss home, I know I don’t want to move back. Not to Fife anyway. I would quite like to stay here please. So I would really appreciate if you could all cross your fingers for me for the next 4 and a half months, in the hope that my temporary job here is made permanent. Thank you very much.

The sheep, by the way.


So I have found the time to write this week and will try again next. However, I may end up telling you about this weekends antics. I bet you are all looking forward to that aren’t you? It involved a farm, rowing and yet more cider. Of course.


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