About Me

I am 27 years old, living in Bristol, working in Publishing. 

 It has taken me a while to get here, a theatre degree, four years in retail, a beautiful flat in Edinburgh (that I had to give up), a masters degree, one work experience and two internships but I am finally on my way. My life is just beginning.

The purpose of this blog is to write about, well, whatever is in my mind. I like reading, have recently taken up running, I have an interest in fashion, art and theatre. All of which may feature on this blog. Oh and my experiences of the publishing world I am working so hard to get into of course!    

 I have chosen this picture of myself because I think I look quite classy, if a little drunk, and I’m sitting in a toilet cubicle (My friend was taking the picture as she sat on the toilet…) I like to think that the contradiction suits me! I am a walking contradiction!


Please feel free to comment :)

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